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My name is Marina

My nickname is MarinaAn

MarinaAnHi everyone,
My name is Marina and my nickname is MarinaAn.
It's made out of my first name and two letters of my last name.

I am an amateur photographer and take photos most often just for myself.

Everything you can see on my site is the result of my own creativity. On this page I would try to give answers to some frequently asked questions.

I was born in Sortavala town, Republic of Karelia.
Karelia is a country of impenetrable forests and variety of blue lakes. There is a page on my site with photos from my homeland which I shot just for myself and when I saw them I felt nostalgia.

Photography was my dream since my childhood and it was always some kind of mystery to me. This mystery was beyond my reach because our family could not afford it. I am construction engineer by my profession but deep in my heart I am a photographer.

In 2000 when I had camera "Zenit" I was really keen on this art. In the autumn 2002 I bumped into a website and opened my account there. From that moment on my whole life abruptly changed; I began to think of the site as my new habitat. I suddenly got a chance to show my photos, receive all kinds of feedbacks, learn and what is most important - communicate with other people who also have a great interest in photography.

Just then I was fascinated by making nude photos. I wished not just taking pictures of naked human body but to show everything that makes a true beauty. The beauty which touches everyone's heart, the beauty, which makes us cry and laugh, love and hate, happy and suffer. At that time I was not quite aware of the fact that this was the most difficult part of photography but I m not used to give in.

It is necessary for the photographer to come into psychological contact with model during shooting process and better before its start. There will be no good works without such contact. Model and photographer should be "on one wave", "in one mood" to make a single whole photographer - model only then it is possible to make a reality all plans without special problems. For me each of my models is unique in her/his own way, I respect and I like them very much. Persons interested in becoming models, please write to me.

Art is my way of expressing myself. My works reflect the world inside of me.

Now I live in Saint-Petersburg in one of the amazing and romantic cities in the world.

Shooting city panorams is significant part of my creativity. I love city very much and I want to show its grace and beauty.
Especially it is pleasant to shoot night city when everything shines and sparkles. I was thinking so many times on how to put all square with several buildings or river embankment in 1 shot. Combining several shots in one work, one can show everything more widely and higher without worsening the quality of work and on the contrary improving it.

Sometimes I send the works on various photocompetitions in the Internet and also in photomagazines.

  • 2002 - Photocompetition "IN VINO..." Trading House "ROMA" 3 place for work "Dionis"
  • October 2004 Digital photo competition carried out by company HP together with magazine Digital Photo, "Man - Earth - Universe" 3 place in a category "Man" - "Communicating courtyard" is published in magazine Digital Photo February 2005
  • March 2004 - Erotic photo competition Nu-Age carried out by Rodionova Publishing House and magazine Moulin Rouge. A special prize for a series of photos "In the twilight of dreams"
  • 2005. Competition "Digital Reality 2005". Work "Hitch-hiking" has reached the final. It is published in magazine "Digital Photo" May 2005.
  • Participation in EROTIC PHOTO competition in Internet
    • December 2004: Prize-winning place WORK
    • March 2005: Prize-winning place WORK
    • September 2006: 3 place WORK
    • September 2006: 1st place in section SUPER BEAUTY. WORK
    • October 2006: 4 place in section EROTIC Glamour WORK
    • October 2006: 3 place in section "THIS IS LOVE" WORK
    • April 2007: In section "WOMAN AND NATURE" 2 place WORK
  • May 2005: Publication of my portfolio in magazine "PROfoto"
  • Exhibition "Panoramic Petersburg" from 1st July till 1st October 2005
  • Erotic Photo Exhibition in Internet - cafe "Shangrila" from 1st October 2005
  • March 2007 participation in charity auction "Dry buttocks" for unparented babies within the framework of activity "Erotica & sex in advertising". My contribution to the action was 3 works from the series "Clouds". Photo from action.
  • 2007: participation in the exhibition of ArtPetersburg from 13.03 in show-room "Arena". My exposition - "Panoramic Petersburg".
  • 22.06. till 05.07 2007: participation in exhibition "City landscape", taking place in showrooms of Peter and Paul Fortress.

This site was created at the end of 2003. The idea of creation my own site has arisen on a background of desire to have the opportunity of displaying series of photos to the broad audience, to receive responses and wishes, advices and recommendations after viewing all series. Please, do not forget to leave your contact details for communication.

My photoalbums you can find here:

Photosight 1      Photosight 2     

I am looking forward to your responses via ICQ 226911380

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